Fixing a Curtainside: The Importance of Finding the Right Parts

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Curtainside trailers combine the best of many worlds: loading and unloading access from three sides without a dock, cargo-protecting enclosure and security minus tarping, and rapid conversion between configurations as circumstances require. Curtainside structures also blend load-bearing strength with light weight for maximum fuel economy and low maintenance. However, like any piece of equipment in your fleet, a curtainside is subject to real world wear and tear—particularly since its superior versatility usually means heavy utilization and high mileage—as well as the slings and arrows of random damage that occurs in busy freight operations. When you need replacement parts for any reason, We have your back—and the front, the roof, and both sides, too.


Parts To Go

To reduce downtime and expedite unavoidable repairs, we stock a complete line of replacement parts for both custom curtainsides built to your specs or curtainside conversion kits added to your existing flatbed platform. This not only goes for Roland trailers—we also supply OEM parts for all major brands of curtainsides. Most commonly-replaced parts are in stock and can be ordered through one of our sales reps in three geographical areas, coast to coast.

Roland is ready with the most needed curtainside parts when you need them most. This includes curtain components including repair material, rollers, strap assemblies, buckle parts, as well as handles and tensioner gear boxes. An available curtain repair kit integrates common curtain repair parts as well as a heat gun and curtain repair material for DIY curtain fixes. Routine maintenance items are also available, including RolaClean road film remover, a one-step curtain cleaner/detergent and dry film lubricant to keep top rails slick and curtain operation easy.

Rear trailer doors take a daily beating in this business. We stock replacement ply-metal swing door sets for standard 102-inch trailer widths. Also available are replacement hinges and hinge pins, as well as door locking rods. Upper structure replacements are also available, like the front bulkhead FRP panel and corner posts, the entire fiberglass roof sheet, and pillar assemblies and related components.


You Ask, We Answer

 Ordering replacement parts is easy and most can be shipped within 24 hours. However, knowing exactly what you need may sometimes be problematic. We provide options to remove the uncertainty:

  • Access the Ask A Question page on our website to submit any inquiries you may have about the right part for your requirements.
  • Another helpful source of online info is the Get A Quote page that prompts you for your name, contact info and specific part number that you’re interested in. A sales rep will get back to you with information on price, availability and shipping options.
  • Always feel free to directly contact the central sales line at 817-607-0080 at any time with any questions.


Here's a quick link to our parts form to request the info you need to get back up and running ASAP:

 Request Info!

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Pete Johnson

Written by Pete Johnson

Vice President, General Manager & Co-founder of Roland Curtains Inc. Pete was the first US employee for Roland International opening the US manufacturing business while creating sales in North, Central, and South America.

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