3 Apps That Make Trucking Easier

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Until recently, the infrastructure of trucking didn’t exactly occupy the cutting edge of innovation. While trucks themselves became more high-tech, software applications for the trucking business lagged behind. Today, the smartphone has become a must-have accessory for truckers and freight managers. Apps produced by a wide array of start-ups have gained ground and re-defined business as usual in the trucking industry. Here are just three trucking apps that now boast impressive download figures:

Trucker Path

With downloads exceeding 400,000, Trucker Path lays claim as the most popular app in trucking. This free platform makes a driver’s job easier by providing crowdsourced information about:

  • Truck stops.
  • Availability of rest areas.
  • Weigh station status.
  • Other on-the-road issues that are part of a driver’s daily life.

Trucker Path is a virtual online marketplace for the trucking industry that allows truckers to locate loads. This optimizes driving time and improves revenues.

It’s also a boon to freight brokers who can now target preferred, reliable carriers with specific load offers. It provides navigational aids and load-sourcing to match drivers to available freight.



Pulling off the road at weigh stations or for routine state inspections can amount to major loss of time—and thus money—for truckers. Old technology to bypass these stops has been available only with transponder systems installed in the truck.

DriveWyze enables legal bypass via its smartphone or tablet app. As the driver approaches a weigh station, the app transmits the DOT identification number for the truck and carrier to the station ahead. Based on the information registered in the DOT database, electronic permission to bypass the station may be granted. The permission is displayed on the driver's smartphone screen. Carriers with higher DOT scores earn higher bypass rates, ranging from 50% up to 98%.

Currently available at over 600 weigh/inspection stations in 32 states, bypassing saves real money. DriveWyze estimates that stopping and waiting at a weigh or inspection stop costs almost $10 in fuel. And that’s not counting the driver’s lost time, plus the hassles.



Cargomatic is like “Uber for truckers". This start-up matches offers from shippers with available loads to truckers with available capacity. It works like this:

  • Shippers post details of shipments on the Cargomatic website.
  • Truckers use the mobile app to browse and accept shipments, as well as track their routes.
  • Cargomatic vets prospective drivers by verifying CDL status and insurance.
  • Shippers enter online payment information which Cargomatic uses to pay drivers upon delivery of the load.

Big trucking investors have recently funded Cargomatic's expansion into major metropolitan areas. Look for this app to take over the industry soon.


Weigh In

Have you used these apps in your trucking company yet? What has been your experience? Are there other apps you're using? Let us know in our comments below!


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Pete Johnson

Written by Pete Johnson

Vice President, General Manager & Co-founder of Roland Curtains Inc. Pete was the first US employee for Roland International opening the US manufacturing business while creating sales in North, Central, and South America.

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